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Pastiche Writing Practice

Rahim Khan has asked me to travel to Afghanistan to find my nephew that I recently found out about. Hassan’s son that is in an orphanage. What am I to do? How can I face that innocent child, when I completely betrayed my own brother? If only I could have the courage to tell Rahim Khan and Soraya jan what faults I have made, and they could help me. Even if I find this child, what am I do child? Does he know me, and what I did? Has Hassan forgiven me so that I can place my hand on his child? Allah, komak! (help me, god!)


What I was trying to copy:

– Farsi words

– Long meaningful sentences (questions)


Journal #1

Jasmine seems like a kind of person who acts according to their mood. Also, she needs to adjust to a person before she can be really friendly. Because, at first she wasn’t liking Marcelo because she wanted a different assistant. But, as they both got to know each other, they became good friends. Together they went camping, and had many adventures. Jasmine is a supporting, protective person who stands high, and will never let anybody take her down, or take advantage of her. She can read a person well, and knows what is correct and what isn’t. She warns Marcelo about the people he shouldn’t talk to, and she supports and makes him think about decisions, like the decision about helping Ixtel. And took Marcelo camping so he could think about things. Also, she is understanding. She knows how Marcelo thinks and feels, and she would never take advantage of him disability. Marcelo and Jasmine both trust and love each other like a family would. I think that it was good for Marcelo to find a person like Jasmine. At first, Jasmine seemed like the kind who rushed into things and held grudges easily. But later on, she opened herself and Marcelo see what she thought, liked, and wanted.