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What Defines my Identity?

What defines my Identity?

Part one: Comment on the two short stories we’ve read focusing on the idea of “identity”. How did the events in the narratives shape the identities of the two characters?

In The Boat, the death or process of loosing their fathers is the main event that shapes/shaped the two characters. Mainly, the loss made both the characters stronger, and in charge of their life. For example, in Shaving, Barry now had to take full responsibility of his life, his mother, and the house. The death makes them independent, they are no longer known as “Harry’s son.” (for example). But they are known as Barry, a man on his own, and has to keep up the family’s name. In The Boat, the narrator went back to getting his education, and taking responsibility of his life. Both of these characters had to make their own decisions and take a lead in their life.

Part two: Consider what has made you the person who you are today. What experiences have shaped your choices? What values have you inherited from your parents? What values have you acquired from your friends that may differ from your parents? Grandparents?

There are a lot of things that shape me as a person, and make me who I am. My life has been full of experiences, just like anyone else. For example, this summer, I spent two and a half weeks in Bangkok without my parents. I was with my sixteen year old cousin. I had the most wonderful, scary, enjoyable, and crazy experiences in Bangkok. I was influenced by a lot of my cousin’s there, for the better, and maybe a little for the worse. I learnt how to be more open as a person, more friendly. I learnt how to life without my parents for almost a month, basically being independent. I learnt how to manage my money and take responsibility of my belongings. I feel I have grown a lot as a person over the summer. My parents play the biggest role in my life. For me, they come first no matter what. They have taught me a countless number to values. Life lesson after life lesson. They have taught me about simply being a proper human being, no greed, no lying, no stealing. They have taught me to keep my integrity. My parents want my education to come first, but they aren’t the kind of parents who would keep my away from my friends, or keep me away from fun. Friends in high school usually like to do sort of wild things, such as drinking. That’s one thing that my parents would not like me experiencing at fourteen. Other than doing things that are illegal, my parents are pretty open-minded and accept all of my friends for who they are. I think my friends and parents have pretty much the same values so I don’t have to be confused about who to listen to at times. My grandfather often used to tell me to be respectful to my parents, keep my faith in God, and be a decent girl. These are all of values that make up myself.


Let’s play … make your own album cover!

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Significant Pieces of Writing


Elsewhere, a book about anormal 16-year-old girl who was looking forward to the rest of her life. Then suddenly, she was hit by a taxi while riding her bicycle. After death, this girl then goes to a place called elsewhere. Elsewhere was a place where people went after death, and there age went backwards, till before they were just born. Liz then meets her grandma,

which she had nevermet before. She had the most wonderful memories with her grandma, but was still miserable because she would never get to do the things she had planned and was looking forward too such as prom, getting a driver’s license, & getting married.

But in elsewhere, she had the best experiences too. She got a job, fell in love, made new friends, & gets closer to her grandmother. I personally loved this book because I can relate to it emotionally & to her ‘goals’ in life. I could not imagine dying at 16 and living somewhere else till I become un-born. It would be an extremely hard journey including all the mixed emotions.

The way the author presented the main character and wrote the story around her made it impossible for me to put the book down. While reading this book, I tended to look over my past and contemplate about my future. I also do want to get my driver’s license, go to prom, get married, and so on. But to die as a teenager, when things are already so tough,it is challenging.

I think for anyone, parents, teachers, or even grandparents, it is hard to go backwards, because everyone is looking for forward to something in their lives. To read a book about how a teenage girl went back in time, really makes people think. How would you feel in this situation?

Marcelo in the Real World   

Marcelo in the Real World is a book a about a teenage boy who 17 and has is autistic. He very often hears music in his head, which no one else can hear. He is also very emotional and feels strongly about what he thinks is right.  In this story, Marcelo, has to go to work as a mail man at the law firm where his father works, in order to go to the school of his choice. Marcelo’s life changes during this summer, as he meets new people, and falls in love. He was taken out of a place where he was comfortable, and had to adjust to the public and learn to be independent. Marcelo learns to stand up for himself & defend what he thinks is right.

I enjoyed reading this book, not because I could relate to it, because I felt a connection with Marcelo, including feelings like sympathy for the way his father treated him. I could understand why Marcelo did the things he did, such as a defend and help a girl that was abused and ignored. I felt joy when I read the way Marcelo and Jasmine interacted and understood each other.

This book never got dull, even when the most slightest things were mentioned. I would suggest this book to people who like alive and optimistic stories, and probably a teenager rather than an adult.


This story is about the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and what happened after, such as the hospital situations. It was mainly based on five characters and the hard experiences they went through.

I honestly did not like this read at all because it was really depressing to read & it was frustrating turning the pages when it hurt to read the book. Reading about people’s dead bodies & all the rubble was not a fun book to read. I would prefer watching it in the form of a movie because I find it easier to digest the facts. How about you?

It was not a very interesting book either, most of the facts were things I had learnt, or irrelevant to what I needed to know. The details were stretched, which was not really necessary. I was very interested about Hiroshima when we learnt about it in fifth grade, but when it came to re-doing in ninth grade, it became a drag.

I would recommend this book to teenagers & adults to have not studied Hiroshima in details. People who like reading non fiction books and enjoy details.


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