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E.2a Perception of Stimuli

dbq pg. 322

1a. Santa Cruz Location (with many slugs): 83%
Lassen County Location (few slugs): 15.4%
1b. the garter snake in the Lassen County location gradually eats less slugs after 5 days. the garter snakes in the Santa Cruz location increased the number of slugs eaten after the 5 days.
2. Lassen County garter snakes survive better than the Santa Cruz garter snakes.
4. mechanoreceptors is the type of receptor used to for the snakes to detect the slugs.


6.5b: Homeostasis – Glucose Regulation


6.5a: Homeostasis – Thermoregulation

dbq pg. 260

1. 2.0ms-1
2. cool
3. 1.8ms-1
4. as air temperature decreases, wind chill increases, and when wind speed increases the wind chill also increases