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6.3b Defense Against Disease

dbq pg. 231

1.  1983-1993 is the decade where the life expectancy declined due to AIDS and was observed.
2. South Africa hit a high peak of life expectancy whereas Zimbabwe did not. Also, Zimbabwe’s life expectancy hit a lower number than South Africa.
3. The nations must have been developing, along with advances in hygiene and adapting to the environment.
4. Botswana has the greatest drop in life expectancy
5. Uganda did not have many changes, possibly due to society’s habits, since they must have remained the same.


6.3a Defense Against Disease

dbq pg. 227)

1. The normal pH around different parts of the body for the neonates is around 7, whereas for the adults it is around 5.5.
2. Adults skin’s pH differs since with time, the skin adapts and is exposed to more than neonates’s skin.
3. It is more irritating to neonates since their skin isn’t at the neutral pH level and the adults skin is at a neutral pH level.
4. The chemicals in the soap may be damaging to our skin.