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6.4b: The Respiratory System

dbp pg. 241



6.4a: The Respiratory System

dbq pg. 240

1) the oxygen that is being inhaled in being distributed through the body with diffusion
2a) 65 mm Hg
2b) diffusion, since the oxygen is being distributed through the body
2ci) the difference is 24 mm Hg
2cii) for humans, oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxide is exhaled. Therefore the amount of carbon dioxide that is exhaled will be more than will be inhaled, and the alveoli will carry parallel to this.


6.2b: The Transport System

dbq pg. 225

1ai) I is an erythrocyte, II is a lymphocyte
1b) II is a lymphocyte and III is a phagoctye
1ci) the magnification is 100


6.2a: The Transport System

dbq pg. 220

1. starts at 0.1 seconds and ends at 0.2 seconds
2. starts at 0.1 seconds and ends at 0.45 seconds
3. the vein closes at 0.15 seconds
4. the valve opens at 0.5 seconds
5. 0.5 seconds
6. starts at 0.15 seconds and closes at 0.5 seconds
7a. 0.35 seconds
7b. 0.15 seconds