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D.1c Origin of Life: Endosymbiosis

Prokaryotes & Oxygen:
– photosynthesis in cynaobacteria produces oxygen
– at first, oxygen produced was dissolved in the ocean
– eventually, the oxygen was released into the atmosphere
– compared to prokaryotes, eukaryotes release a greater amount of oxygen
– eukaryotes have led to extinction of some kind of prokaryotes
– some have adapted by developing mechanisms (cellular respiration) to deal with the oxygen

– endosymbiosis is the evolution of eukaryotic cells
– theory explains: chloroplasts and mitochondria were once free-living organisms that lose their independence, and now live inside cells
– mitochondria and chloroplasts each have circular DNA and 70S ribosomes


D.1b: Origin of Life: RNA World

Protobionts and the Role of RNA:

1) exhibit some properties associated with life (metabolism)
2) packaging of abiotically produced molecules into structures with a different internal chemistry from their surroundings

– inheritance requires a mechanism in a cell
– replication and catalysis require enzymes
– genetic material makes up enzymes
– RNA: 1) self replicating, 2) catalyic properties


D.1a: Origin of Life: Organic molecules

The Origin of Life:

– all cells come from pre-existing cells
– cells were the first living things on Earth
The four requirements for them to have arisen from non-living material:
– simple organic molecules would need to be available
– the simple molecules would need to have been structured as polymers
– need to have been packages into structures with a different internal chemistry from their surroundings
–  development of a mechanism that makes inheritance possible

availability of simple organic molecules: necessary precursor for life
one of the origin of the first simple organic molecules: deep-sea vents
deep-sea vents are cracks in the Earth’s surface, with hot water that carries inorganic chemicals (iron sulfide, etc).
source of energy: assembly of these monomers into polymers


Justin Bieber Concert Tickets


In this written task, I chose to advertise Justin Bieber as a fan girl, or a ‘belieber’. I used a variety of techniques to persuade and convince the audience. My purpose is to get other beliebers to buy and attend Justin’s concert tickets. This is a opinionated blog post, used to reach out and push people to buy tickets. I used the fear of being left out, fear of being rejected as techniques to lure them. Furthermore, portraying Justin Bieber as a idol and portraying his concerts as “inspiring, interactive, and intense” may seem very attractive. Also, I use pronouns such as “we” to make the belieber ‘family’ seem connected, so the others feel connected on a more personal level.

The title of this task is: ‘Justin Bieber Concert Tickets’. The propaganda subject that we explored is in Part 1 of our course syllabus, language in the cultural context. The learning outcomes for this task are: learning the use and methods of linguistics in the art of advertisement. This task is intended to imitate how one would promote and advertise a good or service. This directly ties into the propaganda aspect of the course since we have talked about how firms advertise these such things in class. The audience is directly to Justin Bieber fans, and the purpose is to persuade them to come to his concert.


Written Task

Approximately four years ago, he was just a young, small town Canadian boy who had a passion for music. His dreams and perseverance has gotten him very far as today, he is a 19-year-old superstar, who is recognized worldwide. 1 movie, 162 award nominations, 85 awards received, with a fan base consisting of over 39 million people. Yes, by now, I think you know who I’m am, or trying to, introduce. The one and only, Justin Drew Bieber. He was first discovered in 2009, with a fan base of a few hundred people. Over a period of four years, he has become one of the most popular celebrities in the world.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 9.00.25 AM

To all my fellow beliebers, if you have not heard already, the startling speculations about Justin Bieber coming to Osaka for a concert are fortunately true. He is coming to perform in October of this year, it’s time to get really excited! Let’s all Pray that we get tickets to see our Baby, who has traveled All Around The World, and is finally arriving in Japan. Everything’s going to Be Alright, when we see him up on stage, all we are going to do is Catching Feelings, and we will Fall in love with him all over again.

Justin Bieber’s concerts are definitely one of the most inspiring, interactive, and intense concerts anyone can ever attend. Can you imagine what it’s it going to be like? Listening to his acoustic songs, watching his sexy dancing, and  having him actually talk to us! And when he looks into your eyes, it will probably make you feel like the most special girl in the world. That’s why going to his concert is worth it. Justin Bieber makes everyone feel beautiful, and extraordinary. With the new release of his remarkable new album, Believe, there is really no possible way this concert will not be a success. Undoubtably, it will be a perfect night.

As beliebers, we tend to hold a responsibility to please and support Justin. Accordingly, attending his concerts is the most exciting and memorable moments for us, as it is something we have wanted for so long. We have been in a hurry for him to arrive and have the privilege to see him. Being in the belieber community and not attending his concerts would  merely be a shame. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to come to his concert. It’s like a golden ticket, so rare and difficult to find. Justin Bieber had sold out Madison Square Garden in 30 seconds. And with this golden ticket, the possibilities are endless. Meet and greets and VIP backstage passes, it really does not get much better than that. Who knew that Justin Bieber would have been so successful? Don’t you want to be a part of that journey, like everyone else?

We all want a bright future, we all want a happy life, we all want perfect opportunities. The places we go, the people we meet, and the things we do are all components that will lead to shape us in to the people we will be years from now. Justin’s concert will lead us to have good vibes, our spirits high, happier than we’ve never been before. Also, I think we can all agree that we deserve a night of excitement after all the schoolwork we do during the week. Good company and good music and Justin Bieber. Success is inevitable. There’s nothing to lose! It’s a win- win situation. Give him a chance, cuz’ that’s all he needs girl.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 9.00.45 AM

We have been “re-tweeting” his tweets, “liking” his posts Facebook and Instragram, and we will definitely continue to. We tweet him like maniacs, just hoping he will notice us. If you have a chance to meet him, why don’t you take it? I strongly urge you to buy Justin Bieber’s concerts tickets, it’s going to be a bieberlicious night! This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, to attend his concert in Osaka, with your friends. In a year, or a few years, we are going to graduate, separate and begin a new chapter in college. Why not have an extremely memorable night, at his concert? I can surely keep this promise: you will not regret coming! He is one of the most influential people, donating to multiple charities from the money he makes off of sales. If you are low on money to spend, don’t have that extra skirt, or another pair of unnecessary jewelry. And again, this will be worth it! Who knows, you might have the honor to be the One Less Lonely Girl. Now, that’s a dream come true.

So, It’s time guys. It’s time to go out and buy your tickets. It’s time to starting Believe-ing. It’s time to start being a crazy fangirl belieber all over again. It’s time to spread love, and #nohate.

1 Justin Bieber, 1 arena, 1 night, 1,000 beliebers. Think about it.