More babies, please: Italy

Articles on Italy:

Italian village’s mayor hopes tax on singles leads to babies

Italian women shun ‘mamma’ role

Italy’s mamma’s boys to be given cash to fly the parental nest

BBC Parenthood policies in Europe

Population Situation:

Italy has an aging population, which causes the society to be pressured. An aging population has a fewer population collecting income. It would be easy to conclude that the population in this village has no interest in having and raising children, and they move ahead slowly. In the first article, it stated that a couple had been engaged for 20 years. Comparing this to India, a country with a booming population, in most situations: two people are introduced (often by parents), they are married within six months, and a child is usually born a year or two after. According to Italian village’s mayor hopes tax on singles leads to babies, “Funerals in the village outnumber weddings by 3 to 1. There is no secondary school, not enough children to fill the primary school and the kindergarten will close within three years unless more babies are born. One was born last year, none this year.” In a different article, the problem why the birth rate was declining is 1.) the discrimination against women who put a halt to their career for children and 2.) the high expenses that nurseries & a shortage of houses for the young population.

Population Policies:

Many proposals have been given to the public to alter this issue. Fees up to 1000 euros have been given to mothers to help costs with their second baby only. This helps with paying for a new home, and paying for nurseries when required. Also, the government thought of paying women who did not have abortions, and kept the child instead. The mayor of the village Vastogirardi proposed a tax on all the single adults in this village. The people are not motivated or threatened by this act.


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