More babies, please : Ageing Populations

Task One:

– alzheimer’s and dementia costing UK $7B/year

– more general problems in alzheimer’s

– alzheimer’s big unresolved issue

– 48% of UK earning

– 48% earns for the rest too

– public basically funds NHS, charities

Task Two:


Aging Population – population moving toward older ages

Population Policy – measures taken by a state to influence the way its population is changing

Pro-natalist – a strong request by high authority for a higher birth rate

Pension – a fixed amount, unlike wages, paid at regular intervals to a retired person inconsideration of past services, age, merit, poverty, injury or loss sustained.

Taxes – a sum of money demanded by a government for its supporter for specific facilities or services

Retirement – the portion of a person’s life during which a person is retired.

Name four European countries that are projected to experience population decline by 2031:

– Romania

– Hungary

– Lavtia

– Bulgaria

Name four European countries that are predicted to have population growth over 20%.

– Cyprus


– Ireland

– Malta

List as many consequences as you can of a country having an aging population. Try to categorize the consequences as being social, economic or political.


– fewer children

– higher death rate

– higher demand for jobs

– decreasing demand for supplies such as food

– world will not continue to rapidly advance in technology

– younger generation will have to take serious action and make changes themselves

– government spending more on people

– increased price for health care

-higher taxes


– flow of money will not be stable

– supply and demand will shift for goods and services

– higher taxes


– government will have to take better care of the population, to sustain and increase the population

– spending more on health care

Four step plan:

– Insure couples with money to take care of their child. This can be done with higher income from their jobs or handed checks. Possibly yearly checks to see that the money is not stored away, but used to take excellent care of the child/ren.

– Ban birth control pills and abortion. This will increase the chance of conceiving a child and gives a greater chance of the child being kept by the parents. Also, adopting a child should be more promoted to the public, as it gives a child a chance to get greater opportunities.

– Increase retirement age. This keeps more of the population working, helping their countries economy.

– Insure an easy and care-free retirement. This will force the young population to spend money on children rather than saving up for a smooth retirement.

Task Three:

“Japan is ageing faster than any other nation. By the end of this decade, there will be three pensioners for every child under 15 and before long, one in six people will be over 80. Its population will soon be falling by nearly a million people every year and doomsters predict that, some time in the next century, the last Japanese person will die.” To cope with this issue, the Japanese have created interesting software which keeps the elderly healthy and mentally active. They have invented toilets which summarize your intake and give advice to make your diet healthier. This will keep the elderly healthy, and will possibly keep them awake from illness.  The newly designed cars and the artistic hobbies keep their brain functioning and not slowing them down. The beds that turn into wheelchairs also make the elderly peoples lives much easier.


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