The Global Population

How fast is the world’s population increasing? What are the components of the increase?

There is a new baby given birth to around every thirty seconds. Fertility rates, death rates, and such are components of this increase.

This graph shows, compares the growth in the more developed countries to the less developed countries. It shows that the more developed countries have sustained their population while the developing have rapidly increasing, and will continue to increase.

The less developed countries and developing faster, increasing growth in aspects such as GDP, life expectancy, births, and such. In todays date, there are more births than deaths, the population increases instead of staying sustained or decreasing.

The more developed countries population is being sustained, and slightly decreasing in some regions, such as Japan, and Italy. This is because there are more  deaths than there are births.

A lot has changed in the population growth around the world. Asia, though has continued to lead. Oceania has grown by 0.3%, Africa has grown by approximately 9%, North America has grown approximately 4%, Latin America has grown approximately 7% and Europe has decreased by approximately 13%. North America has a boost in population in 1900, similar to Europe. North America fell by a little, while Europe decreased it population by a lot. Oceania has steady grown, but because of it’s location (small islands), the population would not increase by too much.




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